One Of A Kind Civic EK Sedan

This one of a kind Honda Civic EK Sedan was built by my friend Aaron. 3 different Honda kits were combined to create this one off machine. An Accord, a Civic EK Type R and an Orthia.



Aaron has gone for the stance look, wearing a US Navy Blue paint job with contrasting Aoshima Sakura wheels painted in a custom Cherry Red/Hot Pink colour. Some added extras include a pair of JDM tow hooks, a genuine metal exhaust and Thule roof box both made by Fujimi.

!cid_EB96FAFE-3851-4345-8B48-0F7223A14E9D !cid_0515898E-6593-49CF-8C55-72466D4C00FB

Taking a look at some scratch built goodies now and Aaron has created a bike rack and fairing combo, custom suspension parts to achieve the look and many different stickers and custom Hawaii plates.



Now I’m sure many of you have seen this creation already on social media, but I had to feature it given the work that has gone into it and the amazing overall look. I have some more unbelievable builds from Aaron to share with you guys in the future too!

See the full feature here:

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