The Melon Mobile

It’s fruity Feature Friday! You know when you see something so different but so right? Well this is it! Not only am I a huge fan of these types of vehicles, the fact that it’s jam packed with watermelons just makes me smile!


I contacted Michael to feature his Subaru Sambar, as soon as I laid eyes on it! I’ve been following Michaels work for some time now, peeking at his website every now and then to see any model kit updates he’s posted. His attention to detail and finish he applies to his models are second to none.


His latest build, this Subaru Sambar is no exception. Wearing a lovely coat of Tamiya TS-45. Made that little bit more juicer with Tamiya TS-13 clear coat over the top.  A flat black engine cover breaks the rear up nicely too. The wheels painted in silver, contrast nicely against the body and the flat black chassis.

There’s an elephant in the room though isn’t there? Or more like over 20 elephants!

That’s right, all those watermelons in the back and even a half eaten one on the passenger seat!


Michael created these by rolling DAS pronto into shape, then undercoating them in grey. The next step was to paint the in progress melons in Humbrol Grass Green 80, then have the stripes hand painted with Tamiya XF-70, Dark Green 2. A very long process, but it’s been well worth it!


If there’s enough interest, I’ll be happy to ask Michael to help me make some watermelons if he doesn’t mind and upload a tutorial so we can all learn!

One final part of the build to mention is the interior. A simple flat black theme was used, as after all, this is a work horse!


If your hungry for some melon, or anything for that matter then I do apologise, I know I am! Another build that really gets the creative juices flowing and I can’t thank Michael enough for taking the time out to provide me with the video and photos to make this feature happen!

Michael has a part of his website dedicated to his model kit builds for you to go check out!

You won’t be disappointed, a massive array of different cars will await you!


It’s been a pleasure to feature your sublime build Michael, I’d really love to feature more of your work in the future!


See the full feature here:

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