They Just Get Better With Age

It’s Friday the 13th! Let’s be honest though, we are all far from unlucky being able to lay eyes on this beautiful piece of engineering from Porsche. The 356 1600 Speedster.


Devin Williams has allowed us to travel back in time to 1957 with the use of the Fujimi Enthusiast kit to see what this car was like fresh off the production line. The classic silver look was achieved with the use of Tamiya TS-17 and PPG 2 stage clearcoat. Finishing the sumptuous body lines off are the chrome fittings. These were stripped of their original chrome and “re chromed” with Spaz Stix to give that realistic look.



The chrome around the windows and side mouldings were reproduced using bare metal foil. The factory wheels also received the silver treatment and garnished with chrome hub caps. Finishing touches on the exterior are the use of multiple photoetch parts.


A contrasting interior is never a bad thing in my books. Here we see Devin has gone with a classic brown and black combo with touches of chrome and silver here and there from the use of photoetched parts.


These include the belt hardware to really keep you in place when the wind is blowing through your hair on the open road.


It’s almost a crime to keep that beautiful engine tucked away. With only its owner and mechanics that work on her seeing it. Those and I’m sure the masses, who would flock to this car if it was displayed at a car show. The enthusiast kits by Fujimi are known for their attention to detail. But as we know, no model is perfect out the box. Devin agree’d and set about adding some little touches of his own here and there to really make the bay pop. Including the use of photoetched parts, hand made ignition coils on the firewall and engine wiring.


Underneath that svelt bodywork lies an improved chassis with the use of handmade brake lines and aluminium fittings. A beautifully clean engine block and exhaust show that this car is loved for, even in the hidden places!


Owning one of these cars will always be a dream of mine, and it’s been a pleasure to feature your creation Devin. A true masterpiece of a model that could quite easily be mistaken for the real thing. You should be very proud and thank you for sending me this feature for us all to enjoy!


See the full feature here:

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  1. These Fujimi kits are my all time favorites! I have some in a tote in my basement that I look forward to getting into one day. One question I hope you can answer for me… what was used on the firewall behind the engine? I know those are not included with the kit so I’m wondering what they are and where Devon obtained them? Thanks for your time!


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