How To: Hot Wheels Christmas tree decorations

It is officially December and what better way to start, than by making your own decorations for that wonderful tree you’ve lovingly put up, pride of place in your home!

I’d also like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe time of year too, on the roads and last minute shopping, it can get a bit crazy out there. Now, on to this simple idea that will take you about 2 minutes to do and last literally, a lifetime.

So being a guy….who struggles to get in the Christmas spirit…..this is just perfect really. A chance to join in with the festivities and make my own decorations. This is how it happened….

I was walking past our Christmas Tree one night, and it suddenly occurred to me that…

“You know what? That tree is lacking in anything car related!”

So after a quick brain storm on what I could hang from the tree, it was pretty clear that Hot Wheels were the way forward! I decided to use red and silver cars to fit in with the colour scheme so they not only looked the part, but also camoflauged enough to avoid detection from Miss Christmas herself (my partner!). The sky is the limit really simply because you can get so many weird and wonderful Hot Wheels cars in various different colours and styles, I think you would struggle not to find some cars that would fit into your decorations.

Why not give it a go?! Show me some photos of your trees with the best decorations a car guy can add to a Christmass tree!

Oh here is a “how to” guide to show you how simple and easy it is…

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