The Weekend Warrior – Suzuki Samurai

I’m trying not to get over excited here, but you guys know by now that I LOVE the Suzuki Jimny. Martin Perveka shared a photo of this build over on my Facebook page and I knew I had to feature it! So where shall we start with this wonderful creation?!


Well Martin wanted to go for the used for its intended purpose look on this build. By making some of the parts not only rusty, but look worn and of course, dirt and mud splattered everywhere!


Added details include a winch and motor made from using styrene sheet and tubes. A Corvette C4 alternator and copper wire twisted using a drill finish the piece off perfectly. This adds a great deal of realism to the overall look and is my favourite part of the model.


Martin used a selection of methods to create the rusty and worn look to the body. This includes the car being painted in the rust colour then the colour over the top. He then applied the hairspray and salt method for the rust to show through. The extra rust and mud itself were added using AK Interactive enamels and pigments.


Martin mentioned to me that he loves using these and I must admit, the effect is spot on! A simple panel line wash was added using the Tamiya accent colour range and another product he speaks very highly of too.


Sitting atop a wooden base along with the Autumn Meadow from Polak Model. The Jimny looks right at home after Martin had applied his personal touch to the base. These being some detailing in the form of pigments and muddy colours here and there to really make it unique, just like the used and abused machine on top!


Martin also has his own Facebook page dedicated to his models. It’s been a pleasure to feature this build it really has.

P1170547 P1170544

Something unique and I can never get enough of weathered models such as these. It’s one of those builds where you could just look at for hours finding little bits here and there that you missed the first time. Keep up the great work Martin and I would love to feature many more of your vehicles in the future!

See the video feature here:

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