Green Eye’d Monsters Nissan Silvia S14 & S15

Today we are looking at two builds from a friend of mine from across the globe, Wan Nob. The two Silvias have a similar green and black theme, with a race/road set up.


Taking a look at the Top Secret inspired Aoshima S15 Spec R. Wan has fitted a set of Ganador mirrors, along with canards and a Top Secret front splitter and rear diffuser.

S15 5

S15 2

Completing the look are a set of Aoshima Volk Racing RE30 wheels in a fantastic bronze colour. A nice touch at the rear being a Fujimi real metal muffler. The sponsor decals applied over the beautiful green colour complement each other to create a great look for this Silvia with the red bucket seats proudly showing on the inside.

S15 4 S15 3

Moving on to the Fujimi S14 now. Wan has gone with a similar style to the S15, but with a full BN Sports style bodykit and custom rear bumper housing a large scratchbuilt exhaust. Various sponsor decals have also been applied to this Silvia too including a few on the front and rear bumper.

S14 4 S14 3

To make this build unique in its own right, the S14 sits on a contrasting set of chrome Volk Racing GT-V’s from Aoshima. Whilst the interior is a little bit tame in comparison to its younger brother, the overall effect Wan has achieved on this is nothing short of spectacular. Especially when the two are put side by side!

S14 2 S14 1

See the full feature here:

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