The 4 Toyota Corolla 86s

Let’s take a look at four beautiful and unique Toyota Corollas built by my good friend Hanzel!

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First up is the Rally Levin. Based on the Aoshima Late Version kit with added goodies such as fog lamps at the front, Aoshima TE37 Gravels and a suitable Recaro Bucket seat for the driver.


Hanzel told me these kits don’t need much in the way of modifications to make them look good, this didn’t stop him however.


Adding to the already great lines of the car, he made a subtle front lip and matching rear spoiler. Hanzel also said if he was ever to own a real Levin, it would be identical to this!


Moving on to the second Corolla now, the Aoshima Car Boutique Trueno.


This car has had extensive modifications that could be missed at first glance. These modifications include a custom front bumper with removed side vents and reshaping the lower half to give it a simpler and more aggressive look.


The TE37 Gravel wheels were also enhanced with a Fujimi lip.


Over half way now taking a look at Trueno number two.


This model in particular got Hanzel hooked on the 86 chassis and its versatility.


He went for a simple build with the popular black bumper look that always works well with these cars.


Hanzel lowered the car by removing the included springs in the kit over some beautifully painted 13” Aoshima Advan wheels with stretched rubber.


Last but by no means least, we have the amazing Itasha style Levin!


The decals were all custom made by Hanzel himself from the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.


With the exception of the Fujimi OZ wheels and aftermarket seat belt harnesses, the car remains stock.


Aoshima themselves took notice of the incredible work that went into this model and it was awarded 2nd place in the Modified Category at the Aoshima Summer Cup!


What a fantastic group of Corollas from Hanzel, a massive thank you to him for providing the images and the comprehensive info regarding each build!

See the full feature here:

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