A Devil In Angel Guise

Finishing off this month, with a wonderfully white Toyota Supra made by Zach Jarret.


I think most of us would love a car to use just on a Sunday. Something to look forward to all week, then just let go and enjoy the thrill of driving in your chosen machine, be it a car, bike or even a boat! Well this would be Zach’s Sunday dream machine.


Seeing an almost stock Supra nowadays is a rare sight. And let’s be honest, it’s one of those cars that look just as great from the factory, as it does with a wide body kit and 4 figures pumping out the engine. Looking at this almost stock Supra really does hit home how great the car looks after being released over 20 years ago!


Using the impeccable Tamiya kit as his base. Zach added a custom exhaust to release a few ponies from that iconic 2JZ engine. Those galloping ponies leave their 11’s on the tarmac through a set of Volk TE37s from Aoshima.


This is as close to subtle as a Supra could ever be! Wearing a discreet shade of Lexus white, you could pass this as a devil in angels clothing! A real nice OEM+ touch using the Lexus paint Zach!


With it being a Sunday car. Comfort doesn’t always have to be top of the list of priorities when it comes to modifications. So it made perfect sense to fit a set of Aoshima racing seats complete with harnesses to keep you secure and safe whilst enjoying the excellent handling capabilities of this legendary sports car!

6 8 

And would you believe, that this was all created by a 15 year old? Yep, that’s right a 15 year old! Zach I think you have a natural talent and a great artistic eye when it comes to building a car! I’ve received a few features from you and it’s always a pleasure to see what you have created!


You can check out Zach’s modelling journey as it happens on Instagram 

Go give him a follow and show him the love this modelling community is know for!


A massive thank you to Zach for providing me with this, and many other features, I hope you and everyone enjoyed it! A great start to the weekend I’m sure you’ll agree!

See the full feature here:

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