How To Lower Aoshima Model Kits


This is a quick and easy method of lowering certain Aoshima models that having working suspension. You’ll know if your kit contains the springs used because it will have this logo on the box.


Lots of Aoshima kits come with this option. If you take a look at the bottom of this page I have listed some of the kits off the top of my head and I welcome any comments left to which Aoshima kits have this option and I’ll update the list to include them.



So on to the tutorial! Nothing is needed for this apart from the kit itself! For this I am using the Toyota AE86 Trueno. Now when you’re assembling the chassis, the instructions will of course tell you where to put the included springs.


All you need to do is to not fit the springs at all!


This will lower the car by quite a bit too!


Now if you want the car to sit in between the standard ride height and the lowest setting. There are two options to do this. You can cut part of the suspension off where it goes into the wheel well and cover the hole with a piece of styrene.

DSC_3167 DSC_3166

You can also cut the kit suspension to your requirements, or make your own springs from thin wire wrapped around a screw. It’s as simple as that!

See the video version here:

Kit List:

All AE86 Truenos and Levins
All Silvia S13 models including the Rasty version
All Silvia S15 models
All Skyline R34 models including the ER34 4 door version
All R35 GT-R versions

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