Fujimi 1/24 Ferrari 458 Italia Model Kit Review

The 458 was an immensely popular car, recently out of production to make way for the 488…..


So today we are taking a look at the Fujimi version of Ferrari’s 458 Italia. Revell also make this and I will be reviewing it at some point! There are a few upsides to this version over the Revell offering. One being the crisper body lines and the overall quality. The downsides are that the interior really does need some work detailing wise and the engine parts you could almost count on one hand!

Nevertheless it’s a cracking model kit from Fujimi, see the full review here:

One thought

  1. Thanks for the review of this, I have heard so much negativity around this kit but your review tells me it was just what I expected. It may not have the parts count the Revell kit does but I always feel like Fujimi nails the body where Revell struggles. The same controversy surrounded the F430, and I went with the better proportioned Fujimi kit and it came out as one of my best works. No doubt the 458 can too, and I am excited you are building it with the 81 kit too!


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