Latest Kit & Wheel Set reviews being filmed tomorrow!

I’ve ran out of videos, can you believe that?! For the last few days or so I have been scanning lots and lots of decals from the upcoming model kit and wheel set reviews to be featured on my YouTube channel. To say this has took a while is an understatement, but I’m a perfectionist. So I’m basically never going to be happy!

Anyway, here is a preview of said kits, with the Tamiya Toyota Supra being the first model to go live this weekend.


Looking at the wheels now, the Aoshima Volk Racing TE37RT wheels will be next on the list after the Supra and expect the video to be up early next week for your viewing pleasure!


I decided to get a broad spectrum of kits and wheels that will suit all tastes and interests, be it D1 drift cars, or Subaru post vans.

See you in the upcoming videos guys!

#keepmodelling with #elpmodelling

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