Hasegawa 1/24 Honda Civic VTi ETi Model Kit Unboxing

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Honda cars, second only to Nissan if I’m going to rank them. The Hasegawa EG shape Civic was one of those elusive kits that I wanted so badly for around 2 years but I couldn’t justify paying the extortionate asking prices for them online!

Thankfully Hasegawa answered my prayers and re-released the two EG Civic model kits they make, the VTi model pictured here and the SiR version with the red box art. So anyway, the time came to finally get my hands on the kit I’d been chasing for years!

I’m ashamed to say that I checked eBay at least 4 times a day every single day until they were released. When the kits appeared in the search I didn’t hesitate, I jumped on the computer and ordered 6 of them! I wasn’t missing out again on these kits, which actually are very nicely moulded and have some fantastic details. Out of those 6 Civic kits,5 were the red boxed SiR version but only of these VTi kits. Why? Well two reasons and quite important to me as a builder and YouTuber.

So go take a look at the unboxing to find out what exactly differentiates these two kits!

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