Sunshine Through My Window

Let me brighten up your day with this Tamiya Acura NSX by Jose Rodriguez! Jose has gone for a subtle stance look to this legendary car with a small drop and just a touch of camber to fit those gorgeous wheels under the arches.


Those being a set of 19” SSR Professors from Aoshima. To contrast those wonderful wheels, the body is draped in a shade of paint used on the McLaren F1, Papaya Orange. Keeping true to its OEM roots. T


he roof was painted black to really emphasis those beautiful body lines.


Not only are these cars known for their handling and looks. They’re also known for the fantastic V6 engine mounted in the middle of the car for optimal weight over the front and rear wheels. José kept the engine exactly as Honda intended but improved on Tamiya’s model. Small but effective additions to the engine bay include a scratchbuilt dipstick and vacuum lines to give this build the detail it deserves.

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Standing next to one of these machines is enough for many. But the real magic happens behind the wheel! You and your passenger can be kept in your place thanks to a set of Sparco Pro-ADV racing seats and held in by a set of Takata style harnesses.


Creating a unique NSX is no mean feat nowadays, but Jose has pulled it off. Showing that with just a few subtle changes such as wheels and a fitting colour, you can get that unique look and really stand out from the crowd.


A massive thank you to José for providing me with this feature, I hope you and everyone enjoyed it! A great start to the weekend I’m sure you’ll agree!

See the full feature video here:

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