Tamiya 1/24 Lexus LFA Model Kit Review

A hefty price tag for even the model kit version of this car…But is it worth it?


Well the short answer is yes. But here’s why. Tamiya produce consistently great model kits time and time again, with this being no exception. At first I couldn’t justify the price tag of almost 4 times the amount you would pay for say a Tamiya Nissan Skyline R32 (Click here for the review).

But what greeted me when I opened the box was a feeling of pure quality. Not only from the slightly thicker plastic bags the parts come in as opposed to other makers, but the sheer detail recreated in every one of its parts!

In the video unboxing you can see each of the sprues in detail (no pun intended!) and decide for yourself if this kit really is worth the asking price!

If you decide its worth a shot, its available here with worldwide shipping: Hiroboy.com – Lexus LFA

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