Revell BMW i8

Baracca has proved with his skills that building a model kit out of the box can be just as good as customising a kit!


It’s the end of the week and today we are taking a look at this fantastic Revell BMW i8 made by Baracca. He has gone with a classic white look using Gaia Ultimate White with Creos Moon White Pearl. Finished off with a shiny layer of Gaia Colour EX-03 Clear.

06 05

Taking our attention from the exterior to concentrate on the interior where Baracca has gone with a Creos Gran Prix White, Finishers Grey and Carbon black combo.

08 07

Baracca told me he was fond of the overall body lines and how crisp and accurate they were, but noted that careful adjustment was needed when assembling the model.


As many of us have noticed, the panel lines need to be deepened areound the front bumper and rear of the car.

The engine is of course a big talking point with these cars, and I’m pleased to say that Baracca has enjoyed every minute of it with both assembly and detailing it with the included decals in the kit.

02 03

Unfortunately the wheel and tyre combo just doesn’t look quite right, I think something we can all agree on! Baracca has included photos of the BMW sitting on some Fujimi Lamborghini Aventador wheels which look fantastic!

10 09

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Feature Friday everyone! A big thank you to Baracca for supplying me with the outstanding photos to create this feature him and us fellow modellers!


Video Feature:

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