Aoshima 1/24 Rocket Bunny Toyota 86 GReddy Volk Racing Ver. Model Kit Unboxing And Review

Kei Miura is what some would call a “game changer” by introducing the world to one of the most outrageous and controversial body kits in a very long time. In a time that OEM+ and subtle modifications are the in thing, Kei decided to throw the rule book out the window with his creation. Love it loathe it, if your a petrol head, you’ve heard of the Rocket Bunny Toyota 86.

For many the Rocket Bunny kit is out of reach, even owning the 86 too. But how about having your own version that you can paint in any colour available and fit any number of wheel sets available from the likes of Fujimi and Aoshima to create your Dream Bunny?


Thankfully Aoshima saw how viral the car became and decided to treat us modellers to not only one, but two different Rocket Bunny versions of their wonderful Toyota 86 model kit! I won’t spoil what is inside, but trust me when I say you wont be disappointed!

Take a look at both versions here and see which one you want the most, or both!

Kits available at while stocks last

2 thoughts

  1. Love this car. And the RB kit just makes it better. Loving the website so far. And waiting for those tutorials. Since i will start building models myself 🙂


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