Feature Friday Submission

Would you like your build featured?

At ELP Modelling, I love to feature builds from across the globe.

Take a look here at the current Features.

For the best possible feature all you need to do is follow the photo guide below, complete the form on this page with as much information as possible, then email me the photos!

Image size needs to be at least 1920×1080. If the images are too small, they will not only appear small on the video, but also limit me to “stretching” them to fit the dimensions of the video, thus losing quality of the image itself. Blurry photos also cannot be used.

Small image

Images must not be too cropped in terms of framing. If they are, and the images are also a large size, it limits what can be fitted into the window and can risk black boxes appearing on either side of the image or above and below the image. For this reason, portrait images cannot be used either.

Feature Guide



After you have clicked submit, be sure to email me the photos or your build to: info@elpmodelling.com